Rustic Birthday Bash


Is a cold day but, we love to throw an outdoor Birthday party for one of our sisters. Although there was sunny when the party started but later on the day it gets colder. We did send an extra note to the guest and suggested them to wear extra warm clothes since the party is going to be outdoor and also, we prepared six fire pit around the party area so the guest can stay warm and created casual ambient for us to chat and mingle.

On the menu, we included three kinds of hot soup for the guest to enjoy on a cold day. There music, candles all over the place and hanging lights to light up the night and also, there's a coffee and hot cocoa buffet table that I forgot to take pictures on. The smores become very popular, even sold out due to high on demand... but nevertheless, we enjoy the party even when the night is freezing cold.

Ok lovelies, I hope you enjoy my post and till next time....

Happy weekend!

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