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Welcome to my page and I hope you will find it inspire.
My name is Joice, I live in Southern California, USA. I am Event Planner Specialist and also stay home Mom, I choose to work from home so I can stay close to my kids. I love Fashion in every aspect and tried to DIY of everything that I can get my hands on, from cooking to crafty items and especially fresh flowers. This blog is my corner where I pour all my idea in Fashion, travel, my lifestyle and everything else that Inspired me. PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON MY DAILY ACTIVITES!

A little things about me:  I am Indonesian-American of Dutch and Chinese descent (I got lots of question about this). I speak fluent Indonesian and English. I also speak broken Dutch and mostly bad words or cursing ( My Grandma thought me...-smile-) although I don't curse but I know what it meant. And being married to Filipino-American man for 16 years, I also pick up a bit of Tagalog (Filipino language). So there you go, I speak two fluent languages and another two broken languages.

Anyhow, I have Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. And I also have certification for design Interior which is so far I haven't used it. I become an Event Planner Specialist about 14 years ago because I found it such a fun job and very rewarding, I can stay at home with my kids while doing a job that I love. Become an Event Planner and Decorator is it is nothing but my passions.
To be continued...

Contributor Writer:
 my sister Ana!

Hi there! I am Anace (pronounce Anais), I live in a beautiful place just an hour away from the famous Big Bear Mountain in San Bernardino County, CA.  I am a Nurse, I am married and being blessed with gorgeous twin boys. Vintage lover and antique collectors (Nothing fancy or expensive). Shopping is my coping mechanism from my hectic lifestyle and my motto is: "work hard, play hard."
Well, my play time is vintage hunting, searching the net for bargain items, and everything else about shopping I'll be the first to volunteer! Ok, I hope you will like my style, and please follow us on our adventures in FASHION and LIFESTYLE!


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