Romantic Valentine's Gift Idea.


Since Valentine's day celebration just about view days away, let's talk about romantic ideas that we can give to our love ones.

A great gift is not just a store bought items but also something that you created yourself or romantic gestures that you can do to your partner, this gift ought to be very special and priceless because it takes time and effort to do it. And to me, it has special meaning because it creates happy memories for me and my husband.
So here is some Valentine's day guide to do for your love one.

1. Candlelight dinner and movie.

To have a romantic candlelight dinner you don't have to go to the 'crowded' and long waiting line restaurant, especially on Valentine's day. You can do it at home.

How to do it:
  • Prepare at least three-course meals, appetizer, main course, and dessert. You can prepare the food yourself or order from your favorite restaurant.
  • Dressed up your table and decorate your place, although you don't have to go over the top but having fresh flowers and candles will bring the 'romantic ambient' to the room.
  • Dress up nice and put up some makeup, after all, is a special night so you want to look extra special but also comfortable because after the dinner you want to cozy up with him on the sofa to watch your favorite movie and don't forget the champagne! The rest of the night, is all depend on your imagination...

2. Relaxing Bath
Again, like I said in my previous post," who doesn't like to have a relaxing bubble bath after a hectic day?!"
I did this for my husband and he always loves it. You can surprise him with a romantic warm bath after he got home from work. And this one you can join him too ("smile").

How to do it: Ok ...This isn't direction on how to do "things" inside the bathtub, whatever you both do is your own business, I don't think you need direction for that LOL...( I'm trying hard to be funny...)
Ok, let's get serious again:

Rose tea bath salt
  • Don't forget to buy some bubble bath soap or you can do some DIY like this Rose tea bath salt
  • Make sure you clean and prepare the bath at least 30 minutes before his arrival and make sure to keep the water warm. 
  • Have two robes and towels ready. 
  • Decorate the restroom with candles, rose petals ( scattered inside the bathtub) and a vase of fresh flowers to put it on the corner. And play a romantic music.
  • Have some small table like wine cart or chair and put your favorite wine, chocolates and some fruit like strawberry ready by the bathtub so both of you can enjoy. 

3. Manicure and Pedicure.
For some reason, a lot of men that I knew hates to go to the salon for mani and pedicure, the reason has something to do with their "pride" and to maintain their "manhood", which is to me it sound silly but that's what happened to my husband. I could not bring him to go to the salon with me, even though I tried as hard as I could, he just won't budge!
So my solution is, why not bring the Salon at the comfort of your home?! Give him a manicure and pedicure as a gift for Valentine's day. You don't have to hire a professional but you can do it yourself. Because all I know Men loves manicure and pedicure as much as the woman do.

For a well-experienced pedicure, you need some basic qualities toe-tampering supplies:
You need Clear top nail polish, Oil Tea Tree Essential Oil, Epsom salt, Hand lotion, Foot lotion, Nail clippers, Large bowl and warm water for soaking, Nail file, Cuticle stick, Nail buffer, Scrubbing brush or you can buy the whole set Pedicure Set or Electric Callus Remover
  • Let him/her sit back and relax, put on some soothing music for him/her to enjoy the moment.
  • Feel a large bowl with hot water put seven drops of   Tea Tree Essential Oil and one tablespoon of Epsom salt, lay the old towel on the floor and put the bowl on top of it so no water spill on the carpet or tile. Let his/her feet soak for 15-20 minutes. The hot water will soften the calluses, nail, and cuticles.
  • Clean up and soften the skin by using the calluses remover to scrub down the rough skin on the feet. Smooth out the top of the nails and trim it. Rinse and dry it and put lotion while gently message it.
  • For the manicure, wash the hand with warm water and trim the nails, put lotion and massage it.

4. Breakfast in bed
I think this one is really easy to do, all you need to wake up a little bit early then him or her, have some tray or small table close to the bed have some small vase flowers, fresh fruit just and any delicious breakfast you can think of and prepare for him. My suggestion is Red Velvet Pancakes with Homemade Blackberry Sauce

5. Relaxing Massages Oil
Ok, I know...most of you is not a professional massages therapy but is nothing wrong to give massages to our love one, and this could be very romantic Valentine's gift for your partner and who know he will return the favor. (smile)
How you do it is to prepare and decorate the room with clean bed sheets, candles, a vase of fresh flower on the nightstand and rose petals scattered on the floor and bed. Have soothing music and massage him with
Lulu Luxurious Massages Oil

Or my other favorite one is Nooky Blossom Massage Oil

Ok lovelies, I hope you find it interesting and might be an inspiration for you Valentine's Day celebration!

Thank you so much,

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