This Season Favorite.


For these season I have tons of product favorites, but these beauty product listed below are the most favorite product that I am crazy about. Product that I've been using for awhile and I've been repurchased several times. The only new item that I've used is the concealer from 'Benefit' that takes me by surprised. This item is amazing, I am head over heels falling in love with this beauty. 
This has medium to full coverage, is build-able and light, and it doesn't settle in fine line. My skin are very bad with matte product, it makes my skin look dull and tired. This product however, is very hydrating and just what my under eyes needed. It's good for everyday use also.

This one is so sad that Sephora discontinue... At first glance, what I like about this product: it has SPF 20. I use it alone on my face for everyday use, specially when I am outside the house and under the sun. It gives me protection from the harsh UV rays, great medium coverage and give my skin look glow, vibrant and very moisturizing also. It usually last for hours and has all the vitamins and ingredients that my skin needed to improve.

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Beauty oil are "Hip" right know, is all over the net and even celebrities are raving about it. I use it at night for my night moisturizer, and woke up with very hydrating, smooth skin in the morning. For what I know that Rose Hip Oil are very are good to reverse skin damage cause by UV rays. It has greater antioxidants that combat free radicals. Rose Hip Oil also help improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation. And so far it doesn't give a breakout to my ultra sensitive skin.

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This is one product that I can't live without, and always with me where ever I go. My only wish they  make a to go bottle with this ( mini version) cause I'm not good with the 'towel version' it rough on my skin. But ...Anyway, I bring this every where I go, specially when we went camping. I pretty much clean almost every inch of my body with this...ok, I said, "almost". It feels fresh and moisturize my skin without feeling greasy. 
Although this is light on skin that's why it couldn't remove completely any 'water proof' cosmetic, which is not a problem for me, because my everyday make up are very light, therefore is easy to remove.  
I usually clean my face with Micellar water before sleep, and in the morning I just wash my face with luke clean water. I stop using soap and I found my face improved significantly since then, leaving my skin moisturize and clean from breakout. 

So lovely I hope you find this helpful and if you have any question or suggestion for me, please leave a comment on below



6 Responses to “This Season Favorite. ”

  1. Ive used the cleansing water before and loved it! How do you like the rosehip oil? I've heard good things about rose hips.

    1. It works perfectly, is one of my favorite beauty oil. You should give it a try and I hope it'll work on your skin too. xoxo

  2. fakeup,looks cool
    Keep in touch

  3. Simple is a nice bfrand and this micelar water must be so good! I also want to try the CC cream by Sephora, it must be so good - Sephora i a great brand, with so nice products!

  4. I vote for micellar water, perfect cleanser product.

  5. Great post everything u picked sounds like great items


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