DIY Valentine's Day Card


Valentine's day is around the corner but before thinking to buy cards that going to cost me $ 5.00 a piece, I decided to make my own card with help from my little girl, is easy, fun, inexpensive and way better then I can buy on the store, on top of it has more sentimental value to it. This is all about showing the people that I love just how much I appreciate and adore them. And I think this is a much better way to show it.

Ok if you thinking to make your own card, here are some of the idea, is easy 
to do it, you need:
Craft Scissors 
double sided tape
2 Craft paper
Made 2 to 3 cards with different designs and sizes.

Here's how to do it:
Folded one of the paper 
Cut the other paper with craft scissor  about 2 to 2 1/2 inch  
Glue it on the left edge of folded paper using a double sided tape (or you can use glue as well) 
 Place the sticker on 
Cut the left over paper and glued it on the inside of the folded paper, where you can write your message.

This side you can write your love message.

Is so easy to do it, my daughter divided to make her own without my help from leftover paper. Well...if you look closely there slightly mistake on that, but she made it by herself and I am so proud of her.

Ok lovelies, what do you think?
Do you rather to make your own card or to buy from the store?
Please leave your comment below.


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9 Responses to “DIY Valentine's Day Card”

  1. Great Blog! I just followed you on bloglovin-

    1. Thank you for following me and I follow you back!


  2. Great blog and tips! thanks for sharing :)

  3. Such a cute and great idea for Valentine's day! This card looks beautiful:)


  4. Super cute ! Love the idea making your own cards just a thoughtful idea. Your daughter is beautiful!

  5. This is such a cute idea! I love it and the way its more personal than buying a store card. Great job!


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