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When it comes to skincare I am very selective due to my sensitive skin type. So I like to try bunch of skincare that available out there and to find product that works best for my skin . Here are some of the skincare product that effective enough for my skin and gently enough for my ultra-sensitive skin.

 fresh Skin Care for you who love to shop on Sephora beauty store, I'm sure you know this brand already. Although fresh company they produce so many kind of beauty skin care but only few that works wonder on my skin and made a lot of improvement. So here are my favorite picks of product out of this skin care:

1.  fresh ROSE FACE MASK

What I like the most about this mask it's the smell: it's so delightful, light and very refreshing. The mask also very gentle to my skin, it hydrated, soothe, calm and gives a tingling sensation and very moisturizing. The texture it's like a cold gel when applied to the skin and non greasy. Usually I leave it over night and next morning my skin are just wonderful, tone and absolutely radiant.
Although for me, this is not specifically an anti-aging skincare product, but it hydrate my skin really well.

This mask made by infused real rose petals, pure rosewater and the "smart" algae for optimum moisture. Rose flowers is has precious oil full of nutrients that naturally soothe the skin for restores radiance and suppleness the skin. This one is my "most" favorite skincare for this season.


I am in LOVE with this scrub! at first I was hesitant to try on, since the texture is a bit grainy and I thought would be too abrasive and rough for my ultra-sensitive skin, but it turn out really well and the product is not all harsh, and my skin loving it! 

This product formula is made with real brown sugar and strawberries, although the consistency is a bit greasier than I'd like, but the moisturizer works well, made my skin soft, supple, brighter and clearer smooth complexion only after a few uses. Definitely recommended product! 


Although I don't use this product anymore but does not mean this product wasn't good enough, it just I decided not to use any soap product on my face anymore. Turn out my ultra-sensitive skin does not works well with soap so I stop using soap completely. I use only water to clean my face (although this is a special water but I will talk about this on my future post). I tried a lot of face cleanser in the past and I can tell you that this one of the best since it really soft and has less drying effect on my skin.  The texture is more like a gel with rich lather, mild fragrance and cleans really well. 
The product is so mild that it recommended to used around the eyes area and tough enough to clean a heavy makeup completely. It feels a bit tightness on my skin after used but it leaves my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. All and all, I think you should give this product a try if you have a sensitive skin like mine or if you just looking for fresh and skincare with natural ingredient, this is the one for you.


A lot of women out there, they don't think they need to start using the anti aging skincare until they finally reach of certain age or when the skin started to show aging. But a lot of facial skin specialist advised for younger women is simple: PREVENTION! it's so much easier to prevent damage skin  than repair it later. Naturally woman skin start to age slowly at mid twenty, so is around twenty five years old, meaning: you got to start taking care of your skin and using anti aging skin care as soon as you turn twenty years old, this way to prevent damage to your skin early, so you won't be having problem to reverse the damage when you reach 30s to 40s year old.

This one of my favorite product has a cooling formula that moisturize and visibly firming, diminished dark circle and better yet, prevent signs of aging on the eyes area. I am confident to say that this product works, it smoothed, and reduced the puffiness under my eyes and diminished my dark circles. Although this not a cheap moisturizer but it's totally live up to my expectations.


Ok, I just starting with this product for a week and as for now things are looking up, at least I have not found any bad side effects yet only intensely moisturizing that works amazingly. It plumps up my skin and make it radiant, on top of that, it does not clog my pores that can cause me breakouts. 
It does have a light sweet tea smell to it, but not overpowering at all. For over a week I used this product and my skin already make a lot of improvement, it gets brighter, lifted and firmer by morning after I leave it all night.
Originally, I thought this product it was more geared towards older woman but again, like I stated above 'Prevention' is much easier than to repair the damage later on.  This product is at higher priced but don't forget we only have one face and it is more precious than shoes, clothing and jewelries, so take a really good care of it.
I can't recommended it enough, this definitely one of the best skincare ever!

Ok lovelies, I hope this will help you in choosing the best skincare products for you.
Please leave me your comment below and tell me what do you think.


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  2. all the products look great :) especially the night mask :)
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    1. Thank you and please try the night mask, is really good, I hope you will like it ^_^

  3. I'm so excited to try that scrub! I love keeping up with tips on your blog!

    1. Thank you so much Kristyn, the scrub is one of my favorite, please try it and I hope you will like it too ^_^

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  5. I need to try some of these for sure! I've always loved Fresh's lip products, but never tried their skincare line.

  6. Great post! I am going to have to try the Fresh rose mask that sounds amazing!

    1. Yes, it is amazing, thank you so much for your sweet comment xoxo


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