Favorite Cosmetic Over The Years!


1. Bite Beauty Lipstick in Kumquat-Pink and Grapefruit color
I love this lipstick because of the highly pigmented and beautiful colors that just 'IN' for summer time and also the quality is superb. For the review CLICK HERE! 

For me is hard to stick around with one cosmetic brand or product for such long time. I tend to keep changing my makeup routine and always like to try a new one that comes around or simply got bored with it, so to stay faithful to one product and keep repurchased it's a big deal for me, the products have to be really good for me to keep reusing it.

 These are my list of favorite items that I have been using for over two years, I love it so much and I had been keep and I repurchased them. Some are discontinue but I search for them throughout amazon or ebay.
and here are the item:

2. Bobby Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in 'Calypso' (Coral)
One of my favorite lipstick for this summer the color just outstanding! this is a day to night out lipstick.

3. Benefit 'The Pore Fessional Pro Balm
4. Benefit 'Hello Flawless' Powder
5. Benefit 'Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation SPF 25'
I have several powder and foundation but these so far are my favorite and I used it almost everyday

Urban Decay Venom

6. Urban Decay Revolution in Turn On (Rosy Pink)
7. Givenchy Le Rouge in 317 Coral Signature-Coral Orange
8. Shiseido In Rs306 Titian 
9. Urban Decay In Venom
10. YSL 11 Rose Culte-vivid Fuchsia.

I have tons of lipstick and lip colors but lots of them I just used it once or twice and I don't bother to use it again, most are just left behind on my cosmetic drawer. 
The Pictures above are my favorite lipsticks, that I've been using and some I even repurchased. 

The Urban Decay Revolution in Turn on and Shiseido rs306 both are my favorite lipstick for day time, I love the soft -muted rosy colors, demure but also stunning in the same time. And is not just the color but the qualities are wonderful, buttery, creamy, moisturize and long lasting. But nevertheless all of these lipstick above are gorgeous and has wonderful qualities. Givenchy Le Rouge  in coral signature and  Ysl 11 rose vulte they're been my favorite colors for Night time, I wore it when I went party with friends or date night with hubby. These are a statement color lipstick, bold, beautiful and for sure attract lots of attention. I have been using these lipstick for the past two years.
11. Nail Inc Gel in effect Rochester Square 
12. Nordstrom Nail Polish In Strawberry Wonderland.
 These for me are the most beautiful nail color for these summer, demure and subtle. You can find Nail Inc Rochester Square at Shepora but Nordstrom Nail Polish in Strawberry Wonderland it has been discontinue so I look for them on amazon.com.

So, what do you think lovelies?
Do you have a favorite Items that you keep repurchased it over the years? 
Please share with us here by leave a comment below.


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21 Responses to “Favorite Cosmetic Over The Years!”

  1. those urban decay lippies look ridiculously beautiful! I want all!!!

    Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I like the dual lipstick!


  3. Gorgeous products, I like the kumquat-pink one a lot!

  4. I recently picked up the Benefit powder, looking forward to trying it out! x

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  5. I like so much the lipsticks.

  6. All great products ! What a beautiful color the Bite Beauty lipstick.....to bad they r dis continued 😕


  7. The Beauty Bite lipstick looks so pretty! I do have a few favorites I go back to and some that I purchase something new every time haha! Im always trying new mascaras and lipsticks, but always stay true to my Neutrogena foundation.


  8. I love the first lipstic, and also the pink nails :D


    anna from http://stylelovely.com/mimundonormal/

  9. That bite beauty lipstick is so cool!! :)

  10. i love the shade of the bite beauty lipstick! i must check it out :)

    Love Peace and Shimmer

  11. I need to try this Benefit Foundation!


  12. Thanks for sharing this post! I´ll be checking some of the products out for sure ;)!
    Love Emina


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  13. love these picks, the purple colors are perfect


  14. I love a good bright matte lipstick! Nars are my favourite ones... the colours just seem to suit me the best. How great is a double ended lipstick though in two perfect colours!

    Megan || www.ohheyblog.com

  15. Stunning colors!
    Have a great evening!
    Angela Donava

  16. Amazing post dear!


  17. Love this! I've always had an aversion to orange-y lipsticks but the Bobbi Brown looks really nice on you! I don't own any of the stuff you shared but the Urban Decay In Venom lipstick is definitely on my list now thanks to you! <3

    Joanna, The Wunderkind

  18. We love the colours! Kisses.


  19. I've always wanted to try the porefessional I swear everyone loves it! x

    Phoebe | Phoebe’s Diaries


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