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Hello darlin' today I like to talk about my hair care products.  Most of us presumed straight hair is the easies to taking care off. But, boy they were wrong... I have fine/thin dark long hair or I should say "FLAT" hair. So, taking care of it is a bit challenging for me, If I used a wrong shampoo, it will be disastrous or let me put it this way: I always been on finding the right shampoo, when the shampoo is contain to much oil it will make my hair FLAT or if less oily, it will make my hair dried, tangle and dull. So finding the right shampoo is never been easy, while shampoo are one of the most essential product for my hair care regiment I also need other hair product to maintain a healthy and manageable hair. 

So let's start it with all my favorite hair care product for summer!

Most of  us thinking one way to taking care our hair is only from outside but we forgot the best way to care for our self is from within. When we did not consumed enough nutrients that our body needs, we need supplement to get enough essential nutrients to maintain and improve our health.  So this vitamin is design to give us the nutrients that we need for strong healthy hair, nail and skin, . I've been taking this for a while know and it works, my hair is a lot softer, stronger and manageable, although I don't take the recommendation intake since the table is chunky and the amount of recommendation is just to much for me to handle so, I only take 2 tablets a day, which is half the recommendation intake.

PS.  Please consult your doctor before taking any supplement!

Love this product and it works exactly just like what it said, it give my hair all the Gloss and shine that it needs!

Great product and I have been using this from the first time it launch from BB company, it gives volume to my hair, thicken and it didn't weight down and the best part of it smell so good too.  

I have been trying so many shampoo and so far this is one of my favorite, it boots Volume to my hair.

I used this for smoothing my tangled hair, and of course Argan Oil known to protect and nourishes our skin and hair.'

6. Deep Conditioning
My hair suffer from coloring damage so I treat my hair at the beauty salon with deep conditioning at least once a month. Deep conditioned hair is more healthy, softer, manageable, shiny and less breakage, also able to retain length.  And if you have more time in hand, there's always away to do it at home too, Do it at home

And, here are the drug store favorite products for hair:

So lovelies, did you ever try one of this product before?
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  1. Oh I love your hair:)
    Keep in touch xx

  2. I absolutely love argan oil but I will definitely have to try some of these as I have really corset hair :/ also I really love your blog and thanks for commenting on mine the other day :) x

  3. Very pretty, thanks for the tips! You always have such gorgeous locks!

  4. such beautiful pictures! :) I´m following you on bloglovin now! :) lots of love


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