Urban Decay 'Pulp Fiction' Collection


1. "PULP FICTION" Nail Polish    2."PULP FICTION"   Eyeshadow Palette
3. "PULP FICTION" Heavy metal glitter eyeliner


 "PULP FICTION" Revolution Lipstick   2. "PULP FICTION" 24/7 Glide-on
Lip pencil.

Pictures from: www.urbandecay.com

Introducing a new line from Urban Decay, here's to you the limited edition 'PULP FICTION'
an inspiration from the popular movie on the 90s.In honer of Pulp Fiction 20th anniversary Urban Decay co-founder and chief creative officer Wendy Zomnir Inspired
to produce Pulp Fiction Collection for Fall.

 I'm not going to elaborate more about this product because I'm sure lots of blogger already mention this but I am going to talk about what I like about this collection. Talking about qualities, I given Urban Decay one of the best cosmetic out there. Now, it just the matter of colors...the collection are rather dark and edgy just like the movie, but if anything close to Mrs. Mia Wallace make up look, I would love to give a try...

Ok let's talk about the Eyeshadow,  this one I would love to have it. Has two Brown shade, Black, Blush Pink and off White to give a neutral vibe to the collection, it so much like "the 90s look".
The lipstick is in the dark shade more like a "bloody Red" so does the nail color, I might try the nail polish and the Metal glittery eyeliner ( I have similar one already) but I doubt if I ever wear the lipstick is a bit darker for me, but you never know...I might like it after all,  I just need to give a try, don't you think?!!!

Ok lovelies, what do you think about this collection?


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  5. What a fabulous theme for a collection! Now following on bloglovin' :)

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