Area 31 Restaurant MIAMI-Florida Travel Diary


For this year, our family went vacation to Florida for 2 weeks, and of course no vacation without the beach. We spent four days at the popular South Beach in Miami, 4 days at the beautiful and secluded Naples Beach, and we continue the fun at Disney World Orlando for 4 days. It was fun and exciting vacation. And as promise, here are some of the pictures
 that I would love you to see.

Here, just arrived at the airport after 5 hours flight, tired and exhausted but still tried to look fabulous.

Area 31 Restaurant, Miami
Had dinner at one of the popular fine dining in Miami 'Area 31 Restaurant and lounge' at the EPIC HOTEL 16th floor. Very nice- high end restaurant  and the view is breathtaking. This is an ideal restaurant for date and night out "hang around" with friends. Exclusive nice restaurant and the view is over looking Miami downtown with the river flows beneath us.  I love the ambience and the food was delicious and also prepared with style but nothing extra ordinary about it. 

Epic Kimpton Hotel, Miami

We stayed in Epic Kimpton Hotel in downtown Miami for four days, it is modern, beautiful hotel over looking Biscayne bay. Originally, my husband and I planned to stay in South beach area which is only 7 miles from down town Miami but being over crowded and loud, specially at night, we decided to rent a car and just stayed at the Miami down town and drove everyday to South beach area. Stayed in Epic Kimpton Hotel was enjoyable, the customer service and the valet was excellent, but  the part that I don't like, the parking fee for our rent a car over night  was $40. It is crazy expensive but over all everything was good.

South Beach

I am sure you read a lot of review about South Beach. And what can I say?  It's South Beach: Party beach, sun, shopping, fun, restaurant, and never ending nightlife ( thank God...we choose to stayed in Miami at night). I love the vibe, the Art Deco and all the colorful buildings. The small night life city was very inviting, I love how the mixed cultured here are different with LA so I felt a bit refreshing like stepping to a different country. 
The beach, however...was every disappointing, tons of seaweed, and I was a bit hesitant to go on the water and swim while surrounding with overwhelming amount of seaweed, it looked dirty to me and there was one point that I was so worried that my kids will get tangle with seaweed. But my husband and the kids just jumped on the water so, what could I say? Mommy jump on the water too, I din't want to miss the fun!
Just to let you know this is how ever IS NOT A FAMILY BEACH, if you have children with you, this not a beach for them, there are a lot of option and more family beach in surrounding Miami, all you need to do is to google it or ask your hotel information.
And while the beach was disappointing , we did enjoyed  the wonderful garden on the North Beach, while we were there the kids play with Peacocks, Ducks, and also Alligator to watch.  My kids really enjoyed the park. 

Ok till next post, darlin!


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  2. Looks very fun! I love your printed pants. Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. everything looks amazing! i've always wanted to go to miami!

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