Naples Beach Florida


  swimwear from: Diane Von Furstenberg and summer dress from H&M / My little girl wearing swimwear from Target department store.

Hi Darling. just want to inform you that I won't be able to post new pictures for now until I got new computer and fix my camera, but I will try to post as much as I can with old pictures or maybe some pictures that I found from internet that have connection with the article that I will write. Anyhow my Apple Mac Pro just went kaput, although I can still fix it but by doing so, I will lose all the pictures that I had in store on my computer file. So I decided to just open the computer and take the hard drive so my pictures can be safe and say goodbye to the computer.
Ok lets talk about my last vacation, after spending four days on South Beach we move on to Naples Beach Florida, which is only two hours drive from Miami. Naples beach is very beautiful, in fact is listed as one of the most beautiful beach in the USA. Not so crowded, turquoise water and white sand beach and definitely a FAMILY BEACH. Ah ...the beach is just heavenly, I am so fall over head to this place, We have beach in LA, but nothing like here, the color alone is so different, and the water is a lot warmer here, so there you go, as soon as we hit the beach we are right were we belong.

We stayed there for four days, and boy, seems like it not enough time, I love the atmosphere of the city  and the pristine beach full with beautiful White Ibis bird, seashells, sand dollars, star fish and many other things. Also if you lucky sometimes you can find a sea turtle
wondering around in the parking lot.

Before you reach the Clam Pass beach from the parking lot, you have to go trough mangrove forest and coastal dune , thank you for Waldorf Astoria Hotel for providing the wood bridge between the parking lot to the beach and also you can catch a ride tram for free to get there faster. But if you choose to walk, you won't regret it, the Mangrove forest and coastal dune alone are beautiful and worth to walk for. One of the favorite activities here is Kayaking and standup paddle boarding, they go around from the beach through the coastal dune, I haven't try it but it seems fun thing to do, maybe next time.
There a small restaurant and a rental place where you can rent a boogie board, kayak, chair, table, umbrella and everything else that you need for the beach experience. This beach so far is "family beach" and I love it so much I am planning to go back again next year!

Ok lovelies, I hope you enjoy my pictures

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11 Responses to “Naples Beach Florida”

  1. Great photos Joice! Sorry for your computer but at least you have a chance to save your files :)
    I haven't gone a vacation with a white sand beach yet and I'm very curious about it!
    Cherié Chloé

  2. the weather looks amazing! which camera do you use? :)

    1. I used my Canon Rebel 3Ti with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM, for travel I always brought this camera because is a lot easier to carry around but with the this lenses is still felt heavy.

  3. Oh you made me jealous, I still have to wait 2 weeks until I go to Italy, so...
    But it looks amazing in Florida. Great photos! Weather was great too as I see :)

    Mary x
    P.S. I followed you of course, why wouldn't I? Your blog is amazing! x

  4. Lovely photos! Followed you via bloglovin! X

  5. Hey :)
    I started to follow you on Bloglovin.
    Your blog is really great and i like the design :)
    Lovely Greetings, Jessy

  6. Lovely photos and nice blog :) thanks for commenting on my blog, I followed you via bloglovin, and would love it if you could follow in return xx

  7. Love your blog! And I followed you too:)

  8. Beautiful photos! I THINK I followed you on here lol! I'm still getting used to it. But I followed you on Bloglovin to! :)


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