Maybelline Master Glaze By Face Studio Blush Stick


I have been using these blush for sometimes now, and finally I got a change to write a review about it. To be easy, I could just say," I LIKE IT" but of course I know you may want me to elaborate my reason, right? Ok here is the main reason why I love this product: 
First of all, is EASY to use. I just pop cup open and then glides it on my checks, no tools, brush or what ever it is, my fingers are the only thing I need. So there you go, less tools as well.

It glides on smoothly with nice beautiful glow, blend evenly and very pigmented finish but also look very natural, lightweight and it does not feel cakey at all. Love the packaging is small, bright and very cute and also you can see the true color by the clear cup.

Great staying power, buttery texture and it has a dewy look on my skin.
in this picture I am using PINK FEVER.
And I hope you'll like it!

Just Pinched Pink

Pink Fever

Pink Fever / Pinch Pink

Ok darling, what do you think about this product? have you tried before?
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12 Responses to “Maybelline Master Glaze By Face Studio Blush Stick”

  1. This looks gorgeous on you! Love the idea of this product. X

    Kate Louise Blogs

  2. They look so subtle and pretty... beautiful xxx

  3. Great review :) Love these products :*

  4. I've just seen these at my local drug store...I will so give them a try after reading you review! Pink Fever looks amazing on you!

    Keisha xo

  5. Great post, those look gorgeous! Following you on GFC like you suggested now we can follow each other , I don't have facebook though!
    Emily Lavenders

  6. thank you for commenting on my blog! I followed you on twitter, facebook, bloglovin and GFC! if you could follow me back that would be amazing! I love your blog and your pictures are amazing :D Emma xx
    and you asked for my facebook page and here it is -

  7. Hi Joice! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I followed you on Bloglovin. My Facebook page is here.

    Swatching Oddity | Beauty Blog

  8. Wow you look flawless! Love this makeup, such a great color!

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog! Now I'm your follower on google+ e GFC, to follow you also my blog:

  10. Love the colors! Super pretty!

  11. These products look great, I like that they are easy to use. Great Review!


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