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I just got this mascara recently and to be honest I never try any of Rimmel London mascara before so this  would be my first mascara that I tried from this brand, and just for your information, I have really short eye lashes and so choosing the right mascara is crucial for me otherwise it'll be money wasted, specially if I buy it from Walmart I don't think I can return an open package item there, is it? well...I'm not sure, . So lovelies, let's start it, shall we?
This mascara available in two shades black and extreme black, mine I choose the black shade color, the brush has a quirky and funny shape with round bristle/wand at the end. The flat brush is to help plumed, volumes and define while the round brush at the end lifts and to add more length. When I put it on at first time, I wasn't really impress with the result then I tried again, at first I curl my eyelashes and I applied it for a second coat and kind of lift it up with the bristle, and again I add more coat and voila...I am sold, it was doing its job just the way they described it, the application was great, no mess, lump and fuss.
I was pretty happy with the result, my lashes look volumise, luscious and also look real. Although I am satisfied customer but I do have little complaint for this mascara, is a bit dried, for instance: for the pictures above I have to applied the coat 4 times, just to get the look that I desired and I think this mascara is not going to last longer also, probably is just going to stand for 2 months and it will
be completely dry out on me.

Ok lovelies what do you think?
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Joice & Ana

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20 Responses to “Rimmel London Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love reading peoples reviews about products.
    xx, high heels and tutus

  2. The brush looks so unique!
    Too bad the formula is so dry :/

    xx, V

  3. I just recently got a rimmel Mascara, I like you was not very impressed the first time, maybe i should try it again

  4. xm...mascara, it depends on how you like it!this brush looks you need to put a lot of efford to use it!


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    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic

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  8. Great review :]

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  9. looks nice!! :)


  10. Thanks for the review! I've never tried a Rimmel mascara either so this is super helpful! Your eyes look beautiful!

  11. great review! This looks amazing, I might just have to pick one up for myself :) Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I've followed you on bloglovin'! xx Kristina

  12. The mascara looks good on you , i use maybellline volume express and just like you did here with the Rimmel ,i often apply up to 3 or sometimes 4 coats to get the volume i am looking . Nice review . I am going to try it out.


  13. personally I do quite like this mascara, but i feel the same on the drying part! thank you for commenting on my blog, just followed you on bloglovin x


  14. Hi sweet, lovely review. I must say that I've tried this mascara, too. I was very disappointed because it is definitely TOO dry. Like a dry paste. I couldn't almonst put it on my lashes.... Dry and clumpsy.
    You should try the maybelline rocket voum' express. It's definitely one of the best mascara I've ever tried.

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  15. Nice review ! I use this myself and I like it.

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  17. Hiya.

    If your lashes are really short I would really recommend the Loreal Double Extend (Especially the waterproof one) as its fantastic and lasts all day and the waterproof one holds curl nicely. Unless you have already tried it that is :) x


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