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 This Holiday seasons it has been a busy time of the year, party after party, although is fun but whether I like it or not my body has been through so much, I am dead tired and desperately need a rest, my skin look dull and dried. 
Make up can only do so much to the point that can't hide my baggy eyes and tired skin. My skin needs some nourishment,  and when all my "expensive department store moisturizer and beauty mask" (while rolling my eyes) doesn't cut it anymore, I look for other alternative: home remedies that it's been hands down throughout generations.  As for me, I learned it from my Mom and my Oma (Grandma) since I was a little girl these are things that you can find it on your own kitchen or garden: 

1. Aloe Vera: is well know to treated burn skin, it has active compounds that may reduce inflammation and help repair, stimulate skin growth and moisturizing really well. All you need to do, get the Aloe Vera  and cut it open then take the clear gel inside, make sure you wash it really good before you applied to your skin ( leave it like mask) wait until it dried and wash it with warm water. And you can use it to your hair too, just do the same step and apply it to your scalp, leave it for thirty minutes then wash your hair with gentle shampoo. 
 2. Tomato: Pack of vitamin A and C, in beauty department is well known for reducing puffy eyes and is good for moisturizing our skin, specially for under eyes.  To use it for eyes, put it in refrigerator until is cold and slice it, then put one slice to each eyes for one hour. 
 For Face: squeeze it and mix 1 table spoon of tomatoes juice, I teaspoon of honey and one tea spoon of lemon, apply a thin layer of the mix juice on your clean on slightly damp skin, leave it dry and wash your face with gentle soap.

3. Honey:  Honey is naturally antibacterial, so is great for acne treatment. Full antioxidant to help slowing down aging, is very well moisturizing, soothing and also gives glow to your skin.
how to use it:
Apply raw honey to slightly damp skin, leave the honey for at least 30 minutes then gently rinse it off with warm water.
For Scrub: Mix powdered sugar, honey and vitamin E oil ( you can cut open a vitamin E capsule and mix it with sugar and honey) for facial and body scrub.

4. Milk: As you know, milk is good for your bone but it turns out is also good for your skin.
it could make your skin more radiant, nourishes, remove stains on your skin, prevent premature aging and make it smooth and glow.
How to use it:
Milk Mask: Mix 1 table spoon milk/ yogurt, half table spoon of honey and lemon juice and teaspoon of avocado (optional, only for dried skin) mix well, applied all over face for 15-20 minutes and rinse with luke warm water.

For Scrub: half cup of milk and 1 spoon of oatmeal and Vitamin E oil capsule, mix all together and you can use it for facial and body scrub.

To moisturizer your skin, you can add 2 gallon of milk on your bathtub and soak with it for one hour and wash it afterwards. This is can be relaxing activities also while listening to your favorite song.

5.  Cucumber: is really good for reduce puffy eyes, just sliced it put it on the refrigerator to cool it and apply one sliced of cucumber on each eyes for 30 minutes.

6. Green Tea Bag: is full of antioxidant and can make your skin smooth.
For tea steam: simply boil a 3 cups of water and pour it into a large boil and add 2 green tea bags and add 2 drop of vitamin E ( I got it from the capsule) place a towel over your head to cover your face and to crate a tent, bend over the bowl and allow the stem to enter your pores for 10 minutes, this will hydrated your skin really well.

To Reduce Puffy Eyes: Brew two bags of tea, cool it down ( is good when you cool it inside the refrigerator)
put it each one on your eyes.

7. White Eggs: everybody know how much eggs contain a lot of nutrients, including the white.
How to make it:
separate the white from the yolk ( put the yolk aside) whip it well with a fork until it look like a foam.
Apply on your clean skin and leave it until your skin tightening up ( like you wear masker)  then gently wash your skin.

And here is a juice recipes that can be good for tired skin.

2 tomatoes, 1 celery, 3 spoon of lemons juice, honey to the taste mix it all together using blender and drink it.
is healthy, taste good and can make your skin glowing also.

Ok lovelies ...I hope this information can be useful for you,
Thank you


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15 Responses to “Home Remedies For Tired Skin”

  1. Love this post. I agree, aloe vera and honey are the best!! xxx


  2. Great post! I'm so into natural/home beauty products.I actually enjoy making my own face masks.


  3. Very useful tips, I like to use aloe Vera
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  4. Thank you so much for this! I love reading - as well as writing about - skin care. My favorite type of posts. I agree with you completely on everything, but especially about honey. When I have time, I apply honey all over my face. Provides plenty of moisture and makes skin soft as feather.
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  5. Great Remedies, thanks!

    xoxo, K. Lee


  6. Great post, lots of useful tips! :D
    Oh, I followed you on bloglovin btw, love your blog <3

  7. I really like them all. I always prefer natural remedies for skin care because they are far better then other cosmetics and skin creams that contains harmful chemicals.

  8. I love this! Great tips.


  9. I love love love this post! Natural home remedies and scrubs are right up my street. Thanks for sharing I'll be trying the green tea steam for sure!! Thanks for my follow too xx

  10. This is a great post. Very helpful tips. Love it.
    xoxo Juliane

  11. Me again...
    Thank you for stopping by at my blog and for the nice comment.
    I allready follow you on bloglovin. I would be glad if you do the same ;)

    xoxo Juliane

  12. what an interesting idea for a blog post, thanks for the comment on mine over at http://collections-of-imperfections.blogspot.co.uk/ x

  13. great remedy list..

    thank you for the sharing


    mark @ www.homespacorner.com

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