DIY Frosted and Glitter Champagne Glasses


I am planning to have a Winter Wonderland table setting, so I though I would make fabulous champagne glasses that will match the theme.

You  will need:
Martha Steward Craft Fine Glitter In Blue or any color you desired.
Martha Steward Craft Glass Paint Frost
Glass Champagne

How to do it is very easy:
First step is to clean the glasses with alcohol swab and let it completely dry before you start painting.
I'd liked to worked for the bottom of the glasses is a lot easier to do it, I used the white frosted on the stand of the glasses and the glitter on the bottom part of the champagne glasses.
Prepare the paint in any container that suitable for you, and start dabbing over using the sponge ( I used my make up sponge that I don't use it any more in stead of buying a sponge from MS collection) and over until a good coverage of frosted to develop, Let it dry for at least forty minutes and start dabbing again. It will need at least two coats or more of paint. Do the same steps when you do the glitter paint.

Remember: paint should not be near the rim of the glasses where your lips touch the glasses. Air dry only and it will be cure after 21 days and dishwasher safe!

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9 Responses to “DIY Frosted and Glitter Champagne Glasses”

  1. Sounds really cool and easy too! I should try this!

  2. Looks amazing! Great project! :) x

  3. So pretty - love this craft!

  4. Hi Ana,
    your blog is so lovely and full of inspiring ideas. I have just started to follow it on Bloglovin and look forward to read new ideas from you.


  5. Hey, your blog is so lovely..I just replied on your comment that you left on my blog! I am following you know via bloglovin, I hope you will follow me back! :)
    xoxo Maria

  6. Oh, that precious cups, very good idea!.

    I hope you spend a great holiday!, 2014 and a new year full of smiles!

    I follow you with my new profile!


  7. Hi

    Such a great idea!
    I tried this out yesterday, an all my friends loved the it!
    Hope you all had a wonderfull new year! :)

    ♥ Z

  8. love this and looks really professional. good job =)

    lizzie xx


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