Nail Inc. Gel Effect Nail Polish


 Bond street / St James / Porchester Square / Kensington High Street.

St James / Kensington High Street / Porchester Square /  Bond Street.

What it does:
"This polish provide a high shine, super glossy finish without the need of UV lamp or professional removal process.  Gel Effect polish contains the same plumping technology as a salon gel manicure and lets you create the same look at home with ease.  Formulated with revolutionary plasticizer technology, Gel Effect polish creates a gloss like you have never experienced before with 
standard nail polish."(Source)

I wasn't planning to buy a nail polish when I visited Sephora, but when I stop to their nail polish station, I tried on one of this nail polish and I instantly fall madly in love with it. Very high shine and gorgeous looking nail polish, fast dried, easy to applied, and very smooth application.  I think the statement above explained it very well. They have four colors in their collections so far:
1. St James is red kind of orange color, some said is deep color but to my opinion is more to bright red.
2. Kensington High Street, Whine or black cherry, one of popular color of these season
3. Forchester Square, nude gray color, my favorite color out of four of them, pictures don't do it justice, the color is more stunning in person.
4. Bond Street. Beautiful purple color.
The only complaint that I have is how quickly and easily this polish chip. I am a mother with two small kids so I used my hands constantly for taking care of my children , cleaning, shower, wash, mop, cook.  On second days this nail polish start chipped, I do have some nail polish that can withstand all the hard work and stay on my finger for at least five days. So my conclusion: the nail polish is gorgeous but it can not stand excessive hand wash and hard working hand. But I love this nail polish so I would buy it again.  So there lovelies, what do you think about this nail polish?
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3 Responses to “Nail Inc. Gel Effect Nail Polish”

  1. Nice colors, loved the maroon one the most
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    Keep in touch,

  2. The colors are definitely lovely and I do love gel polishes too because it last long on your nails!



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