New M-A-C 'Sheen Supreme - So Supreme' Lipstick.


Introducing the new HYBRID lipstick from MAC, combined impact of color between Lipstick and Lipgloss and the result is AMAZING! Very moisturizer which is good for my lips since my lips tents to get dry out, pigmented and smooth application. I am addicted  to this brand so I have a small collection of MAC lipstick but this one I had noticed it has a different textured from all the MAC I have and also got different tube, it kind of remind me of my Clarins lipstick, high shine with subtle simmer.  I have chosen this gorgeous pink color: 'PLEASUREFRUIT'  among the other fabulous color, warm , watermelon color with hint of red and very beautiful color for summer time, this color similar to MAC Impassioned only with different textured with more soft felling on my lips.  I had hard time choosing the color since all of them look so delicious, my only down side is because it doesn't stay longer on my lips but I don't mind at all, I am going back to buy me a different color!

And look I got me a new brushes too...MAC ALL AROUND LIMITED EDITION TRAVEL SIZE BRUSHES, although the handle is smaller than its normal size but the head brushes has an original size very good for travel. They have varieties set to choose from:


What do you think lovelies?
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15 Responses to “New M-A-C 'Sheen Supreme - So Supreme' Lipstick. ”

  1. I really like that color which matches my dress in my latest blog post!
    I want to try those Mac lipsticks out!

  2. I am excited to try the So Supreme lippies. I placed an order yesterday and hopefully will get them soon. I picked Candy Apple and another one from their sheen permanent line. I love MAC lipsticks but I think I will love this formula better.

  3. very nice color! perfect for your skin tone :)

  4. Lovely color!!

    XOXO Sandl

  5. Loving this shade! And also loving the sunglasses!! :)

  6. The color looks great on you!

  7. Love that color!
    Debbie :)

  8. Love that color! MAC lipstick is the best!

  9. Great lipstick! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sure, I'd love to follow each other. Let me know when you follow me and I'll be sure to follow back :)


  10. This shade is perfect! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I'm following you on GFC and on Bloglovin, follow me so we can keep in touch! :)

    Beautiful blog!

  11. i am in love with your lipstick :)))

  12. Hi. I found your post as I tried my friends sheen supreme the other day and I was looking for reviews. I tried Candy Apple and loved it! The colour was gorgeous. Great review, definitely going to have to get it now :) x
    Heroine In Heels


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