DYI Father's Day Gift Basket


Father's day is around the corner and my kids want to give a special gift to their father, I asked them what would be a special gift for him, it took awhile until my youngest one finally answer, she said,"How about give daddy's favorite thing?! And I asked her," what favorite things? She looks at me and said, "chips!"...I was laughing when I heard that but it was a good idea.  So, we decided to give daddy his favorite Gift, we called it 'DADDY'S FAVORITE SNACK BASKET!' and they use their own money to buy for these especially give for him.

To make it, this is what you need:

1. All kinds of favorites snack or any special things you want to give.

2. Basket or I found the Gift Basket Kit BUY HERE!  is cheaper.

3. Scissors, Ribbon, Scotch tape.

4. Excelsior, Clear plastic cover, raffia, and gift tag


This is how to do it:

1. Fill the basket with excelsior, to elevate the items so it will be visible.

2. Pack all the gifts inside the basket, starting in the middle by putting the tallest items first and start filling up from there.

After the basket is full, place the basket in the clear plastic and wrap it, tie the bag with raffia or anything you can tie with and don't forget to tie it with ribbons to make it prettier.

And fix the edges of the plastic by tape it with scotch tape.

Don't forget to put Father's day card inside the basket and put the tag with a love message.
and the best part is...We do it together.

You can also put wine, wallet, cologne, tie or any special things you can think of ...
Hope you like!

Do you have a different idea for special Father's day gift?
Let me know!

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