Message From Joice: 
Hi ...lovelies I am happy to tell you that my sister Ana will join me here on my blog as one of the
Contributor, I have been begging her since day one and finally she agreed to participated and just to let you know that we are so much alike in many things but also we are so different in so many ways, for instance I love colorful wardrobe and you will find a lot of black and neutral color on her wordrobe, I love sequin and all the sparkle things and she can't stand them, I am loud and she is somewhat quit and shy but also very fashionable woman that I know, so she is the right person for the job and as we move a long I am sure you will get to know her more better and I hope you will like her as much as you like me.

Hi there, I am Ana!  I guess my sister described me very thorough but there's a lot of things about me that need to be discovered so stay tune and I hope you will like me as much as I like fashion hahaha... anyhow, it was a windy day and we dicided to go for shopping at the popular outlet in San Bernadino (talking about a perfect day for shopping eh?!.... honestly  it was not my idea was Joice's), we love this place because a lot of our favorites store brand can be found here such a All Saint, Dior, Gucci, YSL and so much more.  This an outlet so everything here is already half price from the original and a lot of times they even gave us extra 30 to 50% off so this is the place where you want to splurge your money and also a hot spot for tourist destination, if you ever come and visit southern California you know then where to shop! I was wearing a H&M jacket and tights, my red boots by Adrienne Vittadini which is my sister has been eyeing for and thank God is little bit off her size otherwise she will snatch it from me :o)... ( I am just kidding...) and my favorite bag from LUCKY 
Ok peepz.. Thank you for reading my post and I hope you will like it and 
Come back soon for our next post!


Our princess wore:
Princess Jacket from Disney
Dress From Billabong
Tights form Nordstrom
Shoes by Stride Rite


24 Responses to “ANA”

  1. Love your Red booties! Great look and blog!

    Xx Erin

  2. Great look! I really like your bag!

    Hey, I am having an amazing jewelry GIVEAWAY in my blog! I want to invite you to take part in it :) It is really easy :)

  3. Te sigo de vuelta en blog y en bloglovin, podemos seguirnos en Instagram, si te apetece sígueme (fatlagerff) y te seguiré de vuelta, al igual que en twitter (@FATLAGERFF_)
    Un beso preciosa!

  4. WOW, Lovely
    Plz visit my blog this time, I need a little help :p


  5. Cute booties :)
    Thank you for stopping by and for following! It is my pleasure to follow you right back :

  6. Great :D
    I loved your posts and your blog :D
    lets follow each other?????
    xoxo dear!!!

  7. I love the boots! And your hair is soooo beautiful...!
    Funny post!
    Kisses, Mar.

  8. Great photos!

    Sure we can follow each other! I am following you via GFC and Bloglovin and I hope you do the same!

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  9. great look! I will follow you, hope you can follow back! :)
    xx, Catarina

  10. I'm loving this all black look with that pop of red! Your boots are fantastic and you look so chic and well put-together!

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  12. just started to follow u back via bloglovin and fb too! have a nice day dear :)

  13. woow you look very beautiful <3
    and love the outfit you wearing :)


  14. Hello, thanks for the comment on my blog.
    Beautiful look.
    I'm following your blog, follow mine too?

  15. thank you so much for following dear:)) I am now following you too on both GFC and bloglovin!!:) keep in touch darling!


  16. Oh and I also liked your FB page! hope you'll like mine back!:) one big kiss!


    1. I couldn't find your FB page link :( can you let me know please?:)

  17. Really cute photos! Following :) xx

  18. that's great news!! love her red boots!! fab! :D

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  19. hi, you are beautiful and look really great! like it! i follow you and i hope you follow me back ;*

    kisses Violet


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