Valentine's Day Flowers Arrangement


Valentine's day is around the corner, do you have plan for this special night? is it going to be a dinner outside or just dinner at home? any plan you have I am sure is going to be wonderful, anyhow if you decided to have dinner at home I have an idea how to dress up your table and how to arrange your centerpieces for the romantic evening...

I love this engagement ring napkin's holder I got it from Pier 1 Import

The cupcakes is really beautiful addition for the decor and also is good for desserts...

What do you think about the flowers arrangement? 

The wine glass charm are just beuatiful

How to make the centerpieces

Ok's the tutorial for the centerpieces, I am not going to show you how to arrange the flowers because is very easy, anyway I was searching for beautiful red vase for the centerpieces but I couldn't find it so I made one and  what I need is
1. Beautiful glittery paper for Michael Art and Craft store or you can use any design paper you want.
2. Double sided tape
3. Scissor
4. Pink ribbons

How to do it:
Measure the vase and wrap it with the glitter paper ( there's some paper that fit perfectly but this one you have to cut it). Use the double sided tape between paper and vase and tied it with pink ribbon.

And for flowers I use hot pink Roses and Cymbidium Orchid and you need to clean, cut and put the flowers together on the vase filled with water, the flowers will last for one week. 

I hope you will have a wonderful Valentine's day!

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25 Responses to “Valentine's Day Flowers Arrangement”

  1. oooooooh que bonito!me gusta san valentin!!!!
    BESOS :D

  2. woow, that loooks so romantic. Very nice. Have a great day.

  3. Nice ideas! I don't have plan at the moment for this occasion!

  4. Ewww I hate Valentine's Day, it's one big scam. Yes, I am a Valetine's Day scrooge :D
    Love the flowers and cupcake though.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I am now a new follower :) x

  5. beautiful! great inspiration to keep my hands busy! haha

  6. wow! that is so beautiful <3
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    Lali pops of colour

  7. This is so romantic! Wow! An early Valentine prep! Cool :)

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  8. Wow, looks so pretty and romantic! Thank you for your comment, I'm your new follower too! What do you think of following on facebook and bloglovin? Let me know! Have a great weekend :)

  9. I absolutely love this arrangement! It's too perfect :) I wish I was as creative as you!

  10. Hello sweety! This is such a great post and glad to found your blog! Are we following yet? I'd love to follow via gfc and bloglovin if we aren't! Stop by me soon!xx ♥


  11. How beautiful!!!!!! great idea and pictures! Also thank you so incredibly much for the comment you'd left on my blog:) I'm following you right now, hope you will do same!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  12. What a lovely post!
    thanks for your comment. I'm following you now.
    x Hannah

  13. Your blog is really lovely! Am now a follower :D

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  14. This arrangement is just gorgeous!

    Your photos are great! Very informative and clear I really enjoyed browsing through your blog :) Would you like to follow each other? I just followed you on GFC, hope you will too :) Looking forward to more posts from you! More power!


  15. Lovely post!
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    xx Karolina

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  16. Beautiful idea! So romantic... I love Valentine´s day!

  17. This is so beautiful and inspiring
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  18. thanks for visiting my blog - following you now on bloglovin. those flowers are so pretty! have a great weekend!

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  20. Wow, this decorations is so pretty! Nice post :)

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